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1.  "I haven't rented from you before... what do I need to

First of all, we need a customer ID number.  We use either your state ID number or driver's license number. 

The minimum rental is $50.00. A deposit of 25% (also, minimum of $50) is due at time of order to reserve your equipment.  A deposit of 50% is required for tent reservations.  Payment must be received in full 14 business days prior to delivery.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check or cash. (Orders placed/paid within 14 days of delivery/pickup must be paid via credit card or cash.)

We always require a credit card to be put on file for security reasons.

If you are placing an order for delivery, we need to know the following information:

  1. address and contact information of recipient
  2. specific placement of delivery and how that destination is accessed (stairs, elevator size, loading dock, doorway size, etc)
  3. delivery time requirements
  4. any additional information regarding the delivery requirements

Generally, rentals over the weekend are considered one rental.

2.  "Why do you need my driver's license number before I
      can rent?"

We use either your state ID number or driver's license number as your customer ID number.

  1. Phone numbers and addresses change.  These numbers do not.
  2. It is standard policy throughout the rental industry.

3.  "What size linens do I need to fit my tables?"

We have provided a chart that lists compatible linens for all table sizes in the LINEN category in our RENTAL INVENTORY.

4.  "How does delivery work?"

Delivery availability and cost is dependent upon the size of your order, the delivery destination, and any special instructions or stipulations.  Generally each delivery is priced on a case by case basis.  There is a minimum rental requirement for all delivery requests.

Normal delivery parameters include drop off at loading dock, garage or front porch during our business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM.  Additional fees may be required for transport beyond this.

The service of set up and tear down of regular equipment may be provided for an additional fee, which must be arranged prior to delivery.  Equipment must be torn down and stacked in the order and location it was received to avoid additional labor charges upon pick up.

5.  "What is the Damage Waiver and why is it required?"

The Damage Waiver is a service fee that is part of your rental costs.  Because of this service, you will not be responsible for accidental damage to our equipment.  For example, if a couple of glasses break, a plate is chipped, and a sheer overlay tablecloth is returned with a snag in it, you will not be responsible for the replacement costs.  It is simply our policy.

This is to alleviate the pressures of renting equipment.  We do not want you to worry about one of your guests accidentally dropping a glass while you are trying to have a good time entertaining.  And we do not want to worry about questioning our client about a cracked platter the week afterward.  If a few things go missing, you will not get a call.

However, the Damage Waiver does not cover ALL damage, only accidental damage not caused by negligence or misuse.  For example, damage to linen caused by candle wax, cigarette burns, or mildew is not covered.  Damage caused by leaving tables outside while it rains is not covered.  Damage caused by using charcoal in a propane grill is not covered.  Damage caused by using silver-plated serving trays to hold acidic fruit is not covered. 

Keep in mind, missing equipment is NOT covered by the damage waiver.  If a rack of 36 martini glasses disappears, you are still responsible for the replacement.

If you should receive damaged equipment upon delivery, you need to notify us at the time.  We reserve the right to replace any damaged equipment prior to your event.  If we do not hear about the damage prior to the event, we have to assume that the damage occurred while the equipment was in your possession.  You can reach us at any time at the emergency phone number listed under CONTACT US.

Please see the Damage Waiver definition under Terms and Conditions for more info.

6.  "Why might I require a site inspection before I can
     reserve a tent?"

In order to make sure that the right tent is used for the job, we might require a site inspection of the tent installation area before any reservation can be made.  Our experienced staff will visit the area with you to make sure that there are no unexpected obstacles or concerns.  There is a fee for site inspections, which is generally waived upon receiving payment to reserve an order.

7.  "What size tent do I need?"

If you can tell us how many people you want under the tent and what you want those people to be able to do, we can tell you what size tent you need.  For example, if you need to be able to seat 200 people for a buffet-style dinner, provide a stage for a three-piece band, and have enough area for two bars and a dance floor, we can help you determine how to fit it all.

You may also check our CHOOSING A TENT page under TENTS.  These guidelines will get you started.

8.  "Do I need to wash my dishes before they are

Everything just needs to be rinsed and free of food.  Additional cleaning fees may be assessed for dishes returned unrinsed.

9.  "I need to cancel my order.  Am I going to be charged

No deposits (25%) will be refunded for cancellations within two weeks of scheduled out date.  All tent reservations canceled within two weeks of scheduled setup are subject to 50% cancellation fee.  All cancellations are subject to a minimum cancellation fee equal to 6% of deposit paid (minimum of $30), and additional cancellation fees may apply.    Orders cannot be canceled within 24 hours of delivery.

10.  "Is there a quantity discount?"

In rare instances, on very large orders, we may offer a discount on a package that includes tables, chairs, china, linens, decor, tents, etc.

Our costs are the same whether you rent 10 white resin chairs or 1000.  Warehouse space, cleaning, maintenance, and labor determine the price of equipment.

11.  "What does 'Festival Quality' mean?"

For very large outdoor events, we do rent some equipment that is considered "festival quality."  Basically, this is equipment that has been well used, and while these items are appropriate for festivals, concerts, etc., they are simply not suitable for use at smaller gatherings, like weddings, parties or meetings.  We DO NOT rent these items in small quantities.

12.  "I am tax-exempt.  What kind of paperwork do you
        need on file?

We need a copy of your "Sales and Use Tax Blanket Exemption Certificate" with signature and Vendor's License / Tax ID Number.  If you do not have this form, download it from the Ohio Department of Taxation.

We cannot accept a Vendor's License / Tax ID Number over the phone, nor can we accept a letter of application for tax exempt status from the IRS.  We must have a physical copy of your certificate, with signature, for our files.


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