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Over the years, we've experienced events of all sizes and purposes.  What we have found is that, in order for an event to be enjoyable and successful, the following points are key:
  1. Have reasonable expectations.
    • Understand and make sure your client understands that this is rental equipment, not brand new equipment.
    • If you have an especially picky client, make sure your rental company is informed and order appropriate items.
  2. Place your orders early.
    • Last minute orders lead to mistakes and miscommunication.
    • Waiting can potentially mean not receiving what you have promised your client.
  3. Provide all necessary and pertinent information to your rental company like:
    • when, where, and how equipment needs to be delivered and picked up
    • onsite contact name and phone number, cell phone, pager number
    • directions and/or map.
  4. Be sure to know how to operate equipment PRIOR to your event.
    • This applies specifically to mechanical and electrical equipment.
  5. Plan for flexibility.
    • Request open delivery times.
    • Be prepared for the unexpected.
  6. Read all contract agreements before signing. Avoid surprise service charges like:
    • set up or tear down charges
    • extra delivery charges
    • cleaning charges
    • missing and/or damaged equipment
  7. Check IN and OUT your order.
    • Rental companies are not perfect.
    • Give your rental company the opportunity to correct a mistake.
    • Account for all equipment after your event.
  8. Adequately supervise the treatment of rental equipment.
    • Re-package equipment as you received it.
    • Inferior quality is often a reflection of indifference on site.
    • Avoid additional fees (labor, replacement costs, etc).
    • The better you take care of the equipment the nicer it will be for the next person.
  9. Use ALL of the services of your rental company:
    • site inspections
    • brainstorming and Party CAD designs
    • showroom
    • inform your rental company of your needs
  10. Give feedback.
    • Your rental company appreciates your comments, compliments, AND criticisms.
    • Help your rental company become a better supplier FOR YOU!

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