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Tent Overview

Lasting Impressions Event Rentals is pleased to provide service for all your tenting needs.  Whether you are planning a wedding, coordinating a festival, or celebrating a corporate milestone, we can cover your event!

Most tents require a site visit by a Lasting Impressions tent professional in order to provide a recommendation for the proper style and size tent. Please contact us to schedule a site visitation or consultation.


Lasting Impressions Event Rentals offers a variety of tent sizes and styles to accommodate every type of event. Our sales staff will gladly help you choose the style and size of tent to suit your needs. Below are some guidelines to consider.

Size - Maximum seating can be accomplished by using 72" round tables or making long rows of banquet tables. Here are a few minimum space requirements to be used when determining the size of a tent:

Cocktail Party (standing) 6-7 square feet per person
Cocktail Party (some seated) 10 square feet per person
Dinner Seating 10-14 square feet per person
Theater-style Seating 6 square feet per person
Classroom Seating 6-8 square feet per person
Dance Floor Size 2-4 square feet per person
Stage for a band at least 20 square feet per person
Bar 150 square feet
Buffet at least 100 square feet

CAD Design - Our sales staff can make a CAD drawing of your event showing seating, buffets, dance floor, etc. This allows for a visual depiction of your projected event and helps eliminate obstacles and unforeseen problems.

Style - The style of tent used will be based on three factors -- appearance, space restrictions, and installation restrictions. Each style of tent has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, some must be staked while others can rely on concrete or permanent anchors. Some tents offer a "wedding look" while others may be better for a festival or corporate event. A site inspection will determine which tent is right for you.

Site Inspections - A tent professional will visit your site to review the area and help determine the right options for you. He will also look for obstacles which could prevent the proper installation of a tent.

OUPS - Anytime stakes are driven into the ground, the Ohio Utilities Protection Service must be contacted in order to mark all underground utility lines. The utility companies will mark their lines, however it is the land owner's responsibility to mark all private lines, including sprinkler systems. We prefer the area to be clearly marked with flags or paint. If you have any questions regarding OUPS marking, please visit their website at


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